When 1 Status Changes to something, change all items in that group to the same Status

Hello! I have what I hope and think is a simple question and apologize if it has been addressed. If I change one status in a group to something, I want to use an automation to either:

  1. Change all of the statuses in the group to the same status


  1. Archive the entire group.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance!

Hey @Lissa,

Welcome to the Community, and thank you for your question :smile:

I did want to firstly mention that option two to archive the entire group, is not supported in our automations just yet, so I will be sure to share this feedback wit our product team! As for option one, whilst it does seem like a simple request, the process is a little more complicated, and again, this is definitely feedback that we will share internally…

In order to have all of the items (in the groups) status change based on one particular items status change, I believe you would need to set up a dependency column and dependency automation, as this particular automation is not natively supported at this time. It is important to note that the dependency feature is supported on our Pro Plan and up, so please let me know if you have access to this feature.

This is the automation you would need to set up:

and this is how you can configure the dependency column:

As such, once an items status changes, all dependent items statuses will also change.

I recognize this isn’t the most seamless process, but would love to hear if something like this could work for you!


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Thank you so much, Bianca!!

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