Create multiple tasks with one status change

I am looking for a way to create this automation and I’m not sure if I’ve overlooked something or if it’s not possible (or just as time-intensive as it seems to me right now)

I want to create multiple tasks in Board B, C, and D when a certain status is set in Board A.
Which is to say, once in Board A the status “ready to process” is set, I want to create a task in Board B, three more tasks in Board C, and yet another task in Board D.

The only way I’ve found to do this is with the automation “When Status is Something, create an Item in Another Board and link them using A Link To Item Column in this board”. I would have to create separate automations for every task I want to be created and I would need a lot of “Link to Item” columns.

Is there an easier, cleaner way of doing this? Is there a workaround someone has found? Or am I overlooking something?

@editarr, you don’t have to link the items you create. You could use this automantion:

You could also use a webhook to do a call to a 3rd party integration like Integromat. But, in this case, as you described it, I don’t think it would be better.

Oh, completely missed that automation! That already reduces the clutter quite a bit, thanks.