Create a group of boards for dashboards

I have several widgets on my dashboards. Each one requires me to go in and select boards one-by-one. If I add a new board, I have to manually add it to all the widgets.

Is there a way to create a group of boards that can be referenced, similar to the teams feature for grouping people?

It would work like this:

  1. Create a group of boards called “boardgroup”
  2. In the dashboard widgets, choose “boardgroup” rather than selecting each board. This will aggregate content from all the boards into one.
  3. When a new board is created, I will add it to “boardgroup”. All dashboards will update automatically. Automation is great!

My specific case is summing the estimated hours it will take for a person across all boards that I care to monitor. The tricky part will be allowing me to select the specific column for each board. Mine are all based on the same template with the same column names but to be more robust, it probably should be select-able in the “boardgroup”.

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Hey there,

Ben here from the team. This isn’t possible, but I absolutely love it as a feature request. It shouldn’t be to do! I would imagine it as being able to add folders also not just single boards. What do you think? I will definitely be passing this on!

Please keep these suggestions coming, they really help us understand our users, and build our future roadmap!


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Thanks Ben! I discovered the folder feature for grouping boards after my original post, but certainly that is a good idea to include as an option. Any way to avoid manually selecting each board for each widget on a dashboard is good with me.

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