Applying the board feeding into a dashboard but to a board instead

When you first utilizing dashboards, we can connect boards to feed information to the dashboard widgets and then we can filter those widgets to display certain information or certain team member. I would like to apply that same feature but with boards to boards.

For example, when creating a board we should have the ability to connect multiple boards to one board to display information (this would get rid of the mirroring column). By utilizing this feature, information would be automatically updated both ways from the boards connected to the second board and the second bard back to the connected boards. After connecting the boards to each other, we can then enter filters similar in the widgets (basic & advanced filters). With filters we can see everything for specific team members, statuses, descriptions, assignees etc.

I’m not sure if you have seem Rollup Multiple Boards, or if this is what you are looking for, but this has helped me. Now I can get rid of the mirror columns that seemed to be hit-or-miss.

Hello Bill,

No I have not seen the Rollup Multiple Boards options but I will look into it, thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile: