Dashboard or Project Level View of Multiple Boards using Filter

We are a property management company and have several boards that represent different functions of our business (i.e. rent collection, evictions, move-in, move-outs, etc), but I am struggling to have a holistic view of all of the items in a 1 dashboard view. The dashboards are great but we can’t filter on a specific building without filtering by each board (which is really cumbersome).
Has anyone found a work-around or add-on app that helps provide this full visibility- Specifically an ideal use case would be a dashboard where I can do 1 dashboard wide filter on “Property A” and then it will show me all the items/sub-items that match that criteria across multiple boards.
Thank you!

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Hey there! Do you think a Dropdown Column in your boards with the different building types as dropdown options could be helpful here? Then, you can filter by the Dropdown Column options in your Dashboard.

Let me know what you think!

Not trying to hijack this thread, but I have a similar issue. I would like to summarize or create a report that gives me a view of tasks across multiple boards.

In my scenario, our employees each have the same set of Groups on their respective boards, the groups representing projects in our company. Each employee has a different set of tasks they are responsible for on a project. I’d like to create filters for open tasks for each group on my board.

example: A view of all the late tasks on Project A and who owns those tasks.

Again, I apologize for hijacking the thread but I think we’re both looking for the same answer.

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I also have a similar issue with projects, where we need to have one view from multiple boards (all boards are similar in structure and all have the columns we want to filter by with the same name and column type).

For example, I want to see all tasks where “Status” = In progress (Column “Status” exists in all boards and the options in it in all of the boards are exactly the same - made from the same board template).

We tried using a dashboard (Table widget) but could not select from all board.

Any idea on how we can do this?