Dashboard showing identical lines from multiple projects

Our company has been using Monday.com for several months and we have not been able to figure out how to filter our boards effectively or efficiently. We have dozens of projects built off the same template, and each project has around 20 groups, with a 1-2 dozen lines per group. In short: long boards.

Here’s an example: under all our projects we might have a “Design” group, where “Address”, “Design File”, “Report Draft”, “First deadline”, etc etc are listed.

What we need is the ability to see a line (or multiple lines of choice), like “First deadline”, from all our projects at once. We’ve been creating Excel sheets to see this, which means many documents have to be updated constantly. The advanced filters can’t show us a line from all the boards at once, and creating a dashboard and simply searching “Report Draft” at the top shows all the boards separately and makes it very difficult to see 30 projects at once.

So, what’s the best way of seeing lines from multiple projects in the same place, without resorting to manually creating spreadsheets?

hi @jso1

Welcome to the community. From your description it is not fully clear for me what you want to see from all you project boards at once. We have created an app Rollup Multiple Board (RMB) available at the marketplace at monday.com: Apps Marketplace.

With the app you can create down-level (project) boards based on standard monday.com templates. Each newly created down-level board is presented int he high-level board (where you created the down-level board from) as one item. The data from all your project boards (1 item per board) is the aggregated date from these project boards (like sum of hours, % of completion, sum of costs etc). With filtering you can configure which items (default is all) from your down-level boards needs to be aggregated. You can duplicate an item in your high-level board and filter the down-level board in another way (e.g. per group etc).

Thanks for your response. What I’m looking for is a way to filter information from all my boards. It’s not specific information I’m looking for- in one minute I might want to see the “Property Address” line that we have in all our projects (boards), and then I might want to see the “Design File” from all our projects. Right now we’re going through and opening the board for each project, looking for the information we need, and putting it into an Excel sheet so we can view it all in one place easily. Of course, this is redundant work when (hopefully) there is a way to see information from all our boards together on Monday.com