Applying the same filter to multiple boards

There needs to be a way to apply a filer to all the boards selected in a dashboard and not just select them individually. At present if I want to a chart to show all the boards with overdue tasks I have to apply a filter to each board where the tasks status = overdue. This then has to be repeated each time a new board is added.

Yes! Thank you for posting this.

Monday - Even if it’s just a “copy filter to all connected boards” that would be a huge help.

Thanks :crossed_fingers:

I second this one Monday team. This is a huge issue for me as well as I have over 10 boards assigned to my dashboard. Filtering is a massive effort as I have multiple widgets that require me to use 10 filters for each widget.

An example could the use of a master filter with the ability to select which widgets you want to filter by. Then it applies the master filter to those widgets. This would great a dynamic dashboard.