Applying the same filter to multiple boards

There needs to be a way to apply a filer to all the boards selected in a dashboard and not just select them individually. At present if I want to a chart to show all the boards with overdue tasks I have to apply a filter to each board where the tasks status = overdue. This then has to be repeated each time a new board is added.

Yes! Thank you for posting this.

Monday - Even if it’s just a “copy filter to all connected boards” that would be a huge help.

Thanks :crossed_fingers:


I second this one Monday team. This is a huge issue for me as well as I have over 10 boards assigned to my dashboard. Filtering is a massive effort as I have multiple widgets that require me to use 10 filters for each widget.

An example could the use of a master filter with the ability to select which widgets you want to filter by. Then it applies the master filter to those widgets. This would great a dynamic dashboard.


+1 We would love this feature also! We have almost 20 boards on our dashboard and it’s quite inconvenient to filter one board at a time.


agree!! Especially if we could apply the same filter to multiple widgets. maybe a save filter feature.


This would actually be a life-saver for me right now.

I would like to see this further though and have “Apply all” to the widget you are filtering in your dashboard.

For example:
I have 4 Dashboards that is linked to 15 boards. I am using one board to compare where my teams time went from this quarter, to last quarter. (2 chart widgets)
For these widgets I will need to technically create 60 filters.
1 filter for a date before
1 filter for a date after

If I had a “Apply to all linked boards” button that 60 would go down to 2 filters per widget.


I was told a while back (>6months) that this was in devlopment / early testing, any news?


Hoping can turn around something very soon if not already available! Any updates

We are currently in pilot stage of the platform and this is a key success factor for us as we’re building dashboards with over 20 boards and its not sustainable to do manually one by one and maintain each time a new board or filter criteria is added.


We built boards based on templates with identical columns specifically to create dashboards that can look across boards. Having to apply filters board by board is a real pain point and waste of time. Please add a feature to apply filters to all boards. In fact, it would be much easier to have that be the default and remove the filter board by board where it is not needed. That is one click per board versus at least 3 clicks to add a filter.


+1 here.

Baffled by the concept of having to select a filter per board, rather than a filter that applies across all connected boards.


Agree! This should be core functionality for dashboard filters. I need this functionality given the high number of boards connected to my dashboard. Thank you!

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This needs to be a feature asap.

Does the Pivot Board provide this functionality? Are they not implementing it in Pro plans in order to get more money?

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Is there any news on this?

This would be a massive help, and honestly, it’s a bit weird it isn’t already a thing.

Hope this is a feature in the near future! :crossed_fingers:

we have this same issue seems like a no brainer, when you have almost 7 thousand boards this feature needs to be a must.

Filters should be able to be saved so one can load them on a widget wherever one wants.

If I make a chart in one board, and then want to load that Widget into another document or so, I have to remake the whole filter and settings…

Hi Daniel, do you have the same date fields in all boards ?
I am wondering how can you apply one filter for all boards if the fields are different in each board

Hey team are there any updates on this? is there a way to do this now?