Applying the same filter to multiple boards

+1 for this request, i think it’s something that should be added

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Agree, please add this

Any update on this feature request?

We really just need a select all for boards - when can this be added?

A big +1 for this request.

It seems pretty wild that this is not on the roadmap.
Especially considering the fact that this “All at once”-functionality has now been added to the individual widgets’ Settings.

Isn’t it far more likely that users will try to apply filters that affect all widgets first, before going into the individual widget settings? I have several dashboards with 15-20 or so widgets, and I always try to set up universal conditions for them with the filters before doing anything else.

We need this desperately! I agree with the comment above that this needs to be on the roadmap, since it is the same idea as the “all at once” selection tool in dashboards for the widgets (which has been so helpful).

We are having to separate out client boards year-by-year in order to pull dashboard data for that year, or else go through manually every time we add a new client and apply the same timeframe filter. I would love to be able to pull a dashboard that automatically shows me only data from “this year.”