Dashboard-level filter function

What’s the exact function of dashboard-level filter? There’s a case that if the filter applied and there’s nothing to show in the widget. However, it’s on in another widget, and things still appear in that widget.

@audrey0115 I am looking for this. How can I activate this feature for my account?

Hi @Kalyani - this is a standard function within monday so it should be available to you regardless of license level.

Also @audrey0115 - the main function of the board level filter is apply the filter across all widgets within the dashboard rather than needing to filter each widget individually.


Thanks @mark.anley, I can now see the option. It still means that I will have to add the filter for each board at least once. I have 40 boards connected to my main dashboard and unfortunately I am not able to apply the filter without adding it individually at the dashboard level.

Hi @Kalyani - no problem. Yes, this is a blind spot with monday as when filters are applied and new boards are added (even if the boards are identical) it does not pick up the filters properly. As you are at 40, I assume your are on ENT licensing which means you will max out at 50.

This is why we always strive to keep dashboard reporting to a minimum of boards via Master Task Trackers, etc so you are only reporting on a single board.

If you would ever like to learn more feel free to reach out anytime via our site.