Duplicate and update items from all boards to one board?

Hello, I am trying to integrate Monday into our business on a single use case at the start, but hopefully more later.

For this use case, I have about 20 separate boards, 1 board per salesperson. I have to do it this way instead of groups as we can only have salespeople looking at their own individual boards. Each board only has 1 group, with each item in that group being one of their sales deals.

I want to be able to create another board that contains all the items from each sales persons boards, so admin can have a good overview of everything, and the dashboard function doesn’t work for that as it is limited by how many boards you can pair as well as just importing each individual group instead of pooling them into one group.

How do I automate the following:
~when item in board “salesperson 1” is created, a duplicate is created on board “all deals”
as well as
~when an item on board #1 is changed, make that change on its duplicate on board “all deals” (this would be status changes, comments, date changes, etc.)

This way we could both be able to look easily at an individual salesperson’s deals, as well as the whole company’s deals. Any ideas?

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Hi there @Althaz :wave:

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I wonder instead if you could perhaps use the My Work feature.
This feature is primarily designed to allow you to see all of the tasks you are assigned to across all of your boards, but you can also use it to follow other members on your team too.

You could add your Salespeople to the My Work settings, and this will automatically pull in any task they are assigned to.
To do this, first select ‘Customize’ in the header of the My Work page:

This will load a panel on the right hand side of the screen. From here you can configure the boards to be included, the relevant status columns and add all of the people you’d like to follow.

Could this be an option for you?

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :smile:



Hello, unfortunately it does not appear that this functionality will work as it will will only show a single status column whereas we need multiple statuses visible.

It seems the only way I can get what would be to reconfigure the whole set up and put all salespeople onto one single board, with each having their own group. That way I could actually create a dashboard calendar for all the sales reps at once since it would be based on one board. Sadly in order to hide individual groups from other board members I would need an enterprise subscription which we don’t need for just one trial use case of monday. Seems I am at a loss!

Hey there! Sorry for the late response here. If you’d still like help reconfiguring your board or workflow to avoid an upgrade to Enterprise, please let us know at support@monday.com and we’d be happy to help you get this sorted out!