Creating a Summary board from multiple boards

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We are using to track potential sales by each state. Each state board was created from a template with columns such as client name, client number, rep assigned, and more. There are a total of four boards using the template format for an individual state. I am trying to create a mirror board showing a summary of each column for all state boards.

I created a new board from template (with all the same columns as the others) and connected to the four boards, but I am not able to pull data from the existing boards. I don’t want to create individual tasks and link to the data from other boards. I just want a long list view of all ongoing tasks from other boards into one central board.

Is there a way to do this? Do I need to create automation to automatically duplicate task to a central summary board? I want it to follow this process:


You can use an automation for all new items you create.

In the custom automation center on each Regions Board you can create this recipe “When a item is created Create a Item in Summary Board and Connect”

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Hi @mrichelieu , I have published an article (with a video guide) on how you can set it up. Here is the link

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