Is it possible for one board to summarize numerical results of other boards?

Is it possible for one board to summarize numerical results of other boards?
For example: Board 1 contains a list of items with the sum of each item. Board 2 as above.
I want board 3 to contain one item that will show the total items and total amount of board 1 and a second item that will show the total items and total amount of board 2.
Actually something simple that you do in Excel - when you summarize information from several sheets into a summary sheet.
It should of course be dynamic, so that if I update items in board 1 or 2 the summary board is updated.


hi @ehudshem

You can do this by connecting board 1 & 2 to board 3 and use a mirror column showing the sum of values. As the mirror column does not allow all kind of automations & integrations you may find this app very useful

thanks a lot for the answer.
But how do I sum up the items in board 1 + 2? Let’s say I have in board 1, 4 groups - Monday shows me the summary of each group, but I can’t use this summary and make it a Mirror (unless I use an item with subItems instead of a group). Is there a way to mirror the summary result of a group?

Not sure I fully understand you. Do you want to show the summary per group in board 1 and 2 or the entire board?

For the entire board create a connect boards column in your overview board. If you make it two-way, a column will also be added in the board you select. Then create a mirror pointing to the connect board column and select the number column in board 1 to summarize and click the Sum button.


Hi Bas,
First, I really appreciate your help and the screenshots you took the trouble to upload.
Second, I did as you suggested, and here is the result. I thought there was another way that allows you to mirror the Group’s total. Because with the proposed method, I re-summarize each item.
Anyway, thanks a lot!


You can set a MATCH Automation to find the similar items under a specific group so it connects the items together for the mirror column sum. Things you will need:

  1. Status drop-down with group names that can be automated to auto select.
  2. Add the match automation from the automation templates to the lower board when column changes trigger based on the drop-down for groups.
  3. Make sure the connect cells are bi-directional for ease of connection.

These will provide you with sum of groups for all items added.

Contact us if you want assistance with setting something like this up.

Looking forward to assisting!

Mike B
Automation Architect

Hi Mike,
This is an excellent idea that I would not have been able to think of on my own.
Many thanks to you and everyone who helped me with answers here.

Hey Ehud,

just want to throw it into the mix of solutions: This is also something you can achieve with our app Spreadsheet Gorilla.

With the app, you can basically map monday boards into a sort of “virtual spreadsheet”, where each board becomes a sheet in that spreadsheet. Then you can add some custom formulas to the virtual spreadsheet that perform calculations across multiple sheets and afterward update items in a monday board based on the results.

Here is a short video describing the process:

That being said, the update process currently has to be triggered manually (after setting up the virtual spreadsheet once). In the future, it might be possible to also trigger it through automation.

– Simon

Hi @ehudshem !

In case you’re considering an app, my company develops Dashboard Hub for, which includes the Formula Cards gadget – a metric that would greatly come in handy for you.

This gadget allows you to make custom math calculations with up to 5 variables and display the result in highly visual data cards :slight_smile:

If you’d like to know more, we’d be more than happy to show you in a live demo!

Hope it helps,
Iván García, Product Marketing Manager at Appfire

Would any of this help for me:
Formulas from different boards