Formulas from different boards

I would like a way to use columns from other boards in the formula column.

Hey @Soroh,

Are you interested in utilising mirrored columns in your formula column? If so, can you specify which ones? I ask this, as it is currently possible to input mirrored columns in the formula column :slight_smile:

It’s a one-to-many so mirrored columns won’t help. I have one board with providers, another board with their students. On the board of providers, near each provider name, I want to display the number of students assigned to them on the students board.

What I need is to display the number of students assigned to them in 3 different columns: high, medium, and low - based on the level of care needed, which is indicated in the student item as a status column.

Hi Soroh,

this might be something that you could solve with our app Spreadsheet Gorilla. The app treats your monday boards as if they were sheets in a spreadsheet. You can then add custom formulas to this spreadsheet and transfer the results back to your monday items.

In your case, you would map Providers and Students into the spreadsheet, each in its own sheet. Then you would add 3 custom formulas to the Providers sheet: One for high, medium, and low. These custom formulas would then aggregate the values from the Students sheet by filtering them by status. Afterward, you can use the app to transfer the calculated values of the high, medium, and low columns from the spreadsheet to the Providers board.

Here is a short demonstration video:

— Simon

Seems good but I need something that’s automatic. I need it to be live so that it is always up to date. Do you provide such an option. The data can change on a daily basis and I need to accommodate that.

Yes true, you indeed have to trigger the update manually through the UI (after doing the setup once). There might be an option in the future to trigger it through automation (e.g. in a certain interval), but we first have to check if that is technically feasible.

Let me know once it’s automatic since I may be interested in it then.

Thank you!