Creating a topline overview board

Hi, I have tried to search for this but have not been successful.

I have two task list boards for two regions.

The boards have the usual items (with sub items) and due dates, owners etc.

I want to create an overview board, that I can mirror items (not supporting data but items) from the two original boards, in to this one main one.

Is there any way to do this or would it be best to make a new project multi-board set up and then transfer the tasks?


Hi @DavidExinity, welcome to the community :wave:

There are a few ways to tackle this depending what you want to see on the overview. If the overview is simply a summary of tasks on the regional boards, as long as there is something that matches between the overview and the regional boards you can use the stock matching automations in concert with connect board columns.

If you are wanting to mirror each task back to the overview - I would use the Overview board as your main board which contains the data, then set the regional boards as mirrored from the overview. Then use the create a record and connect automations to set the entire thing up. If it is only 3 boards, you can setup a two way connection as well and mirror the sub-item status back to the overview. Below is an example stock automation but you could create a custom one that fits your process with a similar result.


What you can’t do is mirror entire subitems. You would need to look into a 3rd party app such as Vlookup Auto Link or a custom scenario to manage this.

If you need more help reach out any time.