Automation to copy & mirror entire rows to another board with all detail

Hi there,

My colleague and I are trying to set up some syncing between different boards on monday and would appreciate any help people can offer.

We have a 2023 overview board which lists all of our company comms/events/projects etc for the year. We then have separate boards, one which shows the overview for comms for the year, one which shows an overview for events for the year etc.

We would like to be able to input upcoming comms in the comms overview board, events in the events overview board, and for these items to appear in the main 2023 overview board - including date, priority, status, detail etc. We would also like any updates to sync across (such as status change) from the comms and events overview boards to the 2023 overview board.

We’ve managed to work out how to get the item and date to copy across, however we’re struggling to get the other detail (such as status, priority, category etc) to be copied across, and getting this data to mirror so it all syncs as well is also proving tricky!

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

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Hi @Susie! :raised_hand:

I would recommend using a dashboard. You could set up a table widget that connects to both the Comms Overview and the Events Overview boards. That way, you get all the live information from both boards.

Let me know if you need help setting something like this up - I’m happy to help :slight_smile:

Tanner Consultant

Would a dashboard work if its projects that we are trying to mirror with if those said projects have issues which then puts that project on hold? We have projects that are on one main Project board and we sometimes have to put those projects on hold due to vendor issues or whatever so we would like for the issue on why that project is delayed on another board. However when we add notes or anything in the main project board we are having to add the notes to one board but its not syncing to the main project board or vice or versa. We would like to have those changes reflected on the issues and the project board.

" we sometimes have to put those projects on hold due to…"
You can decide to show this data(status) in this mentioned dashboard. and show a more varied ‘live data’ set with in this dashboard that @tanner_elevate mentioned.

I would suggest starting to get the year for events as a date / status column. this will also add more points to measure against within set data set (for a board or a dashboard with connection to said board).

Also if u can put a label to that “…projects on hold…” you can show hom many of ur events have the same issues and adress that in the future :slight_smile:

Monday .com Consultant

We are actually using status within the board. My question is will dashboard help with the syncing issue when it comes to tying a board to two different events.

Jason Francis

System Administrator II


Hi @jason.francis
I would say no in that regard, the dashboard give you insight into ur data, the board can have and has functionality for syncing between the events and its data…

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I’ll have to think about this one. Appreciate the feedback everyone.

Jason Francis

System Administrator II


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