How to mirror an entire task in 2 different boards?


In my company we use a board to manage R&D sprints, and a board to manage the bugs queue.
After I created a bug in the bugs queue board, I now want to add the same bug (line in the table) to a specific sprint in the sprints board.
I also need full abilities to edit this bug from both boards, and I need the changes to the bug to be reflected in both boards. (for example: a developer updated the status of the bug to fixed via the sprint board. Now the bug should be fixed also in the bugs dashboard).
Meaning, I need a “live” line that will be mirrored in 2 different boards.

How do I do that?

Hi @mayab :wave:

Welcome to the community! There are a number of ways to set that up, and the simplest path would be easier to determine for you with a better understanding of how you’ve currently set things up.

I’d be happy to have that conversation with you and see what might be the best way to go about it specifically for your boards. Feel free to drop me an email via or book a quick discovery call with me via the below link to get a hand with working it out.

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