Using the "create a new item" automation, can I include the board name in a column for the newly created item?

Hi, I have an automations that when a status change create a new item in another board, but I need to register the name of the original board in the new item created. There is a way to do this with out put the name of the board on a new column in the original board?

I’m not following your question, @sistemas.arquiara. Where do you want to register the original board name, if not in a column on the new board? In an update, or…?

I want to register the name of the original board in a colum in the board where the new item is created

Thanks in advance

I would appreciate the same feature!

You can just type in the name of the board when you are building the automation, hardcoding it in the target text field mapping. Since automations are created per board, it wouldn’t be a big deal to hardcode the name in each time. And then you’d always know what board it came from.

In the end that’s what I did, we use that automation for every proyect we star, so I have to put a note to remind us if we duplicate the boar we have to change the automation.

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