Article or text column completed with the name of the group automatically


I would like the article or text column completed with the name of the group automatically.

Today, I use the “formula” column to show the name of the group with {group}. But I would like the name of the group to display directly in the new element created in this group.

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Hi @Jean :wave:

I’m afraid this isn’t currently possible within the native features of the platform, other than via the formula column you’re currently using.

That said, based on your needs, it sounds like the Item Name Automations app might help you achieve what you’re trying to do with
This app allows you to set up naming conventions for items which can automatically update the item name. You can read more on this here: Apps Marketplace

Do note that this app was not developed by the team. As such, we don’t have any control over its functionality – and do not provide support for setting it up. Our team has reviewed it against our security and privacy guidelines, but we cannot fully certify it.

If you do want to try it out, I’d recommend checking out the app details in the marketplace here: The monday apps marketplace. You can review the app’s documentation (and applicable privacy policies) and install it if you choose.

To learn more about security in the monday apps marketplace, check out this article: Understanding apps marketplace security

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Hi @Jean

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