Update Item Name Column base from two text columns (fname,lname) with make.com (Integromat)

I’ve had a go doing this with make .com.
I have a column for first name and a column for last name. I want to concatenate these as the itemName.

I can get it to work by using:

Watch Event → First or Last name column changes update the webhook
Get an Items Column Value →

Update Columns Value of Specific Item → FROM here it gives me the error when I select the value change:

[500] 809: unexpected token at ‘{ “Incoming form answer”: mappable values fname lname }’

N.B totally no idea with JSON formatting - bear with me
Found this previous discusion but the blueprint is expired: Automatically creating item name with make.com (integromat)


Hey @vivarey if you are trying to get your form first name and last name to concat as the name of the item I have done this all in monday by creating a separate board for the form and then an automation on that board to then create an item in the board you want the concatenated name in and when you fill in the “item” part of the automation recipe you can concat First Name and Last Name in.

This is based on the fact you have Incoming form answer mentioned in your error, please let me know your exact use case.

I hope this helps for now, thanks!