Automation: Assign whoever is in this column to that column

Feature propasal

  • Make it possible for an automation to assign someone to a certain “people”-column based on whoever is in a different “people”-column.

So basically dynamically duplicate a person from one people-column to another people-column, without having to make an automation for every person you want to apply this to;


Use case
We have many boards with different workflows that work as follows: When a status changes from one task to another it automatically clears the assigned person and assigns a next person depending on the task. Some tasks are assigned to a person in a seperate representive-column (see above) other tasks to a whole team. The automations to do this are set up like this:

Automation 1 per task:
When Status changes to “Done”: set Status to “Task 2”. and Unassign People-column.

Automation 2 per task and per person:
When Status changes to “Task 2” and only if Name Status is “Person X”: Assign “Person X” as People-column.

The problem with this is that for each task I have to repeat the second automation for all the names in the custom made “Name Status”-column that one task applies to. And if a name is added/removed I also have to manually update the “Name Status”-columns and all the automations. A lot of work.

Exactly my problem.
I have even more complicated automations set up where people are unassigned and reassigned on status change. This has led to some 100 automations for a team of 20+ people and every time a new hire is included I need to make sure all of them are applied to this new person as well.

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Indeed very time consuming and prone to errors + it makes the organisation of automations a mess.

Did you see the notify automation can already use the people column dynamically… ? so you would think doing the same for other automations is not that big of a step.

Also I think a people column that doesnt act as an “assigning” column (,which sends updates and creates items in “My work” for example,) but as a column used to indicate a role/job/department would go hand in hand with this: Select a People column to act as “Assignee” column, allowing for more function from additional people columns - Feature requests - monday Community Forum

Yes the exclusion from “My Work” i.e. to does would indeed be needed as well, so these people-columns are basically treated as “status” / an entry that automations or filters can look at.

Voting this up! Was trying to create a simple ‘assign person based on item column’ today. It is a lot of work to create a label/status column per person to be used as in interim for an ‘assigning’ automation to work.

This would be my workaround right now:
1- When a new item is created and ‘Item Column’ is ‘this person,’ change ‘NAME LABEL COLUMN’ to ‘enter person’s name as label.’
2-Then - when subitem is created and label is ‘xyz’ and ITEM status/label is ‘this person’s name’ assign ‘this person’ to that subitem.

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I know you’d like to be able to do this natively in monday, but if you’re looking for an alternate solution, please be aware so it is really easy to do with the Advanced Formula Booster, the 3rd-party app that revolutionizes formulas and automations.

Here is a demo:


Achieved with a single line of code:


and one automation:

When I read that @dk_NFroehlich had to create 100 automations and adjust them when there is a new hire, I throught this was worth mentioning.

Hope it helps.

3000 dollar per year that would cost my company… you think on top of paying tons to I can sell this to the management? Just to fix another basic feature Monday doesnt care to fix? I think that would only motivate them to replace Monday with a software package that takes its customers a bit more serious.
If they want these apps to lift off make it free and ad based or something, then I could consider it.

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Yes. This is the way it should work. If I didn’t already have no further budget for any additional subscriptions, I would stop at 145$ per month for my team at the latest.

This is exactly what I do. For every single person in my team. For multiple automations.