Automation: Assign whoever is in this column to that column

Feature propasal

  • Make it possible for an automation to assign someone to a certain “people”-column based on whoever is in a different “people”-column.

So basically dynamically duplicate a person from one people-column to another people-column, without having to make an automation for every person you want to apply this to;


Use case
We have many boards with different workflows that work as follows: When a status changes from one task to another it automatically clears the assigned person and assigns a next person depending on the task. Some tasks are assigned to a person in a seperate representive-column (see above) other tasks to a whole team. The automations to do this are set up like this:

Automation 1 per task:
When Status changes to “Done”: set Status to “Task 2”. and Unassign People-column.

Automation 2 per task and per person:
When Status changes to “Task 2” and only if Name Status is “Person X”: Assign “Person X” as People-column.

The problem with this is that for each task I have to repeat the second automation for all the names in the custom made “Name Status”-column that one task applies to. And if a name is added/removed I also have to manually update the “Name Status”-columns and all the automations. A lot of work.

Exactly my problem.
I have even more complicated automations set up where people are unassigned and reassigned on status change. This has led to some 100 automations for a team of 20+ people and every time a new hire is included I need to make sure all of them are applied to this new person as well.

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Indeed very time consuming and prone to errors + it makes the organisation of automations a mess.

Did you see the notify automation can already use the people column dynamically… ? so you would think doing the same for other automations is not that big of a step.

Also I think a people column that doesnt act as an “assigning” column (,which sends updates and creates items in “My work” for example,) but as a column used to indicate a role/job/department would go hand in hand with this: Select a People column to act as “Assignee” column, allowing for more function from additional people columns - Feature requests - monday Community Forum

Yes the exclusion from “My Work” i.e. to does would indeed be needed as well, so these people-columns are basically treated as “status” / an entry that automations or filters can look at.