Assigned Person gets replaced when adding a team by automation

Hi there,
we use a people column in a board for assignment, but also viewership of items, via the board-permissions settings. I.E. people are only supposed to see what theys are assigned to.
When person A is done with their work, they send the item to another board, where a team will start working on that item. Person A is still supposed to be able to view the item to monitor its progress.
II have made an automation on the second board, which assigns the team with the appropriate members to the people column upon being moved to the board.
This however doesn’t simply add the team to the people column, instead it replaces the assignment from before, meaning person A is now not assigned anymore and can no longer see the item and has to be added manually again.
Is this intended? Is there an option for a team to be added to a people column instead of replacing what- or whoever was assigned before?
When setting up automations it only gives the option to “assign team”, not to “add assignee” like it does for the “assing person” automation.

I would really appreciate an answer/help in this matter.
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Hi Fred,

That would be helpful feature! In the meantime, my best recommendation for a workaround would be to create a separate people column. Something like “Monitor” and “Assignee”. You could assign the original assignee in the “Monitor” column when you move the item to the other board, while the team is assigned to the “Assignee” column.

Would that work for you?


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Hi Francis,

thanks for the response.
I have come to the same conclusion, that an additional column is the best workaround for now.

Any idea when the “assign team” automation will be brought to the same standard as the “assign person” one?

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In some senses, from a data perspective, I would say that using two different columns might be a better option anyway. Since each column represents something different, there is value in holding them differently. It provides clarity on the roles of each person.

I can’t speak to future updates as I’m not associated with at all. I’m sure someone could help with that though.

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