Automation to identify a Team is assigned

Would like to have an automation where it is identifiable when a team is assigned to an item instead of just a person.

This would help when a new item comes in and a team is already assigned to move the item to the groups specified section on a board.

The automation could be the same as when identifying a person.

Like “when and item is moved and only if person column is assigned to “said team” then move item to said group”

I have the exact same need and find it strange that this isn’t already an option.

Since we can already assign a Team to a People column it makes sense that an automation should allow the someone in “Assigned to someone” to be a Team.

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I would also like to use this feature, in order to be able to create a To-Do in my personal to-do list board. This way, it is possible to track my own contribution, whereas I cannot change the status of the item in the board where the task is assigned to my team (because each member of that team is suppoed to do this task independently)

It would also come in handy, if you want to create a subtask for each Team member, when a team is assigned.

I have the exact same need. This would be extremely powerful also because that will allow for us to trigger channels to be triggered in Slack with that criteria on an automation.

I am trying to create an automation which depends on what part of the company you work for (e.g. Engineers, Operational, Sales etc)

This would be a really useful for us aswell!

We have now come across this need also. If you can assign the team in the people column then this should have been coded into automations as well.