Assigning Team when Person Column is Blank

Hello Monday Friends!

I’m trying to automate the assignment of people based on a drop down selection in another column. I was able to get an automation made so that it assigned the right account manager based on the company selection in a drop down column, so that’s great. I now need to assign a Team (a group of 4 different users) to those items that don’t have an account manager assigned. The list of labels that I would have to add for the unassigned accounts is too long and it actually glitches out so that it’s difficult to add more labels after a certain point (I can’t seem to just copy and paste a list in the way that I can when adding the labels to the drop down column itself).

My question is how would I assign a team to an item that doesn’t have a person assigned after my automations? I tried creating a “when item is created, assign Team” but it seems to override the specific person assignment automation I mention before, not the other way around. I also thought that I could create a formula to add in a Team to the person column if it’s blank after a certain amount of time.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this would be appreciated, I’m not married to one method over another. Thanks so much for your help!