Assigning multiple people to a People column based on multiple People Columns

I would like to populate a people column with multiple people based on 3 other people columns.

For instance, I have the following people columns: Lead, Review, Manager. These are all project dependent, so the 3 columns could be any combination of people.

The automation I see right now is:
When person is assigned then assign (replace) someone as assignee.

The assign (replace) must be a specific person, but I would like to assign the Lead, Reviewer, and Manager to one column, like this:
* When Lead is assigned then assign Lead to Project Team
* When Review is assigned then assign Review to Project Team
* When Manger is assigned then assign Manger to Project Team

I would prefer not to do this in additional software or integration, but any help is welcomed.


Hello All!

I have found a way to make this happen in a round about way using an automation for all people. It works as following:

  • When Lead is assigned and only if Specific Person is assigned to Lead then assign Specific Person to Project Team (specific person being the same person)