Dynamic person assignment based on the person field that changes

Currently we can build an automation that reads as the following image
Screenshot 2022-05-03 at 12.21.39 PM

Currently the someone field that is highlighted can only choose between a predefined list of persons. Is it possible to enhance this so that it can dynamically pick from a pre-existing person column as part of the board?

it is a very important funcionality, specially if, we are using Kanbam methodology

Hi All - I’ve built an integration that i can share with you that sets a person to the value set in another column. I can share the integration with - Let me know if you would like to test this out for me.

Thanks Tom! More than happy to test this. Just to clarify, will the set people column override any existing values or it will add to it? I was mainly looking for adding people to an existing field. Regardless more than happy to test this

@kallikakis @BeaCruz
A workaround for that will be to create a repository board for your roles and people assigned for them and, auto -link it to any board using VLOOKUP marketplace app.

Here is a 90 sec demo that show how to Assign people to tasks based on Dynamic assignment repository board

ok thanks Nikos - I can share the integration with you.
We can also modify the integration to add people instead of overriding them - but first please confirm if the integration works.
can you send me your Monday.com url and i can share the integration with you.

@TRLeyden any chance you can also send me the integration? We have a need for this as well

no problems Steven -

Same here - I would love to test the integration.

Hello - we are just finalising it now. Can you DM me and I’ll add you to our Beta program.