Need Help – Assigning a person through zpier

Hi There, I’m currently trying to setup an integration with Zapier between Calendly and

My goal is to use the event assigned to value being passed from Calendly which is simply a name to assign a specific person from my team to the task Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 8.28.17 PM

However, I’m not sure where this dynamic name value should go within the JSON formatting and what the other values should be.

{“personsAndTeams”: [{“id”: 4679523, “kind”: “person”}]}

For more context, I am using this board as our sales pipeline CRM and within Calendly, they have a feature to “round-robin” leads, so that all sales people get assigned an equal amount of opportunities. To our sellers from having to check calendly for who got assigned the lead, I was hoping to automatically assign them based off of this value.

Thanks in advance for your time and help

Hey @brandonklein - welcome to the community! Not sure if you’re seeing our responses on tickets, but I’m happy to assist on here as well.

Much like how every item, board, and column in has a unique ID number associated with it – each user in has a unique User ID associated with them as well.

You’d replace the bolded 0000000 section of the below JSON formatting with the relevant user’s User ID in order to assign that specific item to them:

{“personsAndTeams”: [{“id”: 0000000, “kind”: “person”}]}

The most straightforward way to locate the User IDs of each individual in your account is to click on your avatar in the bottom left corner of your screen and go to “Teams”. From there, you’ll see a list of all the individuals in your account.

Clicking on their name will load that specific individuals profile. From there, you can locate that individuals User ID in their profile’s URL.

For example, in the below screenshot, Aliso’s User ID is 4679523 ​ (screenshot below):

One thing to note is that you must use the User ID to assign somebody to an item via the API, as opposed to utilizing the persons name. With this in mind, I believe the challenge with your desired workflow will be pulling that person’s name from the Calendly trigger step, and then converting that name to a User ID.

I’ve seen other and Zapier users utilize Google Sheets as a database to accomplish this. You’d have a sheet where one column is the name of the people within Calendly, and another column is the User ID associated with that individual.

On a high level, that zap might look like this:

  1. Trigger step - New event in Calendly. Which contains the name of the person the event was assigned to

  2. Action step - In Google Sheets, lookup the name of the person from the Calendly event, and have it return the associated User ID

  3. Action step - Create new item in, and utilize the relevant User ID to assign the item to the relevant individual

Thanks so much Dan. I started to dive into this, but there are bigger problems now with what seems to be malfunctioning… Can you please see below?

For some reason, whenever data is passed from Zapier, the status is
reverted from the initial value that it is set to, to the default value…
this was working perfectly a day ago and now it’s not, but nothing has

Please see this video I recorded: