API v2 - set people column through name (not ID)

Is there anyway of setting a person column through Zapier with the Monday Users name (not ID)

Hey @Mark-C2 - welcome to the community!

To be quite honest - there isn’t a straightforward way of accomplishing this directly through the API right now. The API is expecting a user ID (whether it is coming through a string or JSON), so it would reject the call if I send it something like “Daniel Silva”.

The only possible workaround I can think of would to have something in the middle acting as a database (like maybe Google Sheets) where you would store the username / full name and their userID. Then you would need to reference this as a middle man.

Ultimately you would still need to send the API an ID however.


Yeah it most likely still will not work that way I want if we still have to use the ID. Appreciate the response.

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