Add users to a people column who aren't subscribers to that board but part of the organization.

We want to add users to a people column who aren’t subscribers to that board but are a part of our organization.
This is for tracking/data analytics, filtering and dashboard and to prevent people column notifications and for someone who the task isn’t actually assigned to.

Use case for this:

  1. Workflow Requests- ability to see WHO is requesting
  2. Performance Evaluations
  3. Content and Asset Management Tracking
  4. Performance Tracking
  5. Referral Tracking

Is there a way to accomplish this through:
• Independent people columns or custom people columns
• Custom User Type
• Custom Role
• Permissions settings- “viewers” on a board can only view items assigned to them but not be subscribed to the entire board.

The text box doesn’t allow for a dashboard and appropriate filtering/tracking or the ability to create templates that can be established processes org. wide.

Hi @kasey.vogel

Let me reiterate what you want and let me know if I got it right. What you want to do is for other users (not subscribers but part of the organization) to see a specific column ONLY on a particular board, but not all of the columns, right?

If I get that correctly, perhaps our app called Same Item Multiple Boards can help out. What you can do is have the same item live on multiple boards but sync only the columns you want. Initially, the app will sync columns with same name and type to the other column. All you have to do is delete the columns in the other board which you dont want to be sync (or seen) by the subscribers of that board. Here’s a screenshot

Not exactly. I want to use the people column for the purpose of tracking versus task/production work.

We are a law firm with nearly 100 attorneys. They do not use the platform but we have shared services(marketing, HR, Training, etc.) that needs to track the activities of such attorneys. In the marketing department, we have 5-6 different overall boards that require us to track attorney activity.
It would be extremely cumbersome to add everyone to our boards. They wouldn’t need to view them at all. We aren’t too concerned with them even viewing so much as all of the notifications and etc. they would receive when they aren’t being asked to take any action.

I’ve attached two examples of use cases:

  1. Content Production & Tracking (who the content is for). This would allow us to sort and track how many pieces of content we produced for an individual as well as find the content easily.
  2. Event Management- We can see who is attending the event so we know who to give credit to(they have KPIs around it) and for us to easily track how many events an individual attended.

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