Use "People" who are in my org but not members of my board.

I’d like to attach various “people” to items on my board, without them being members of my board. Essentially, I track a lot of people-related things within my org, especially who owns, edits, and reviews various documents. They don’t need to know they’re on the board, they don’t need to see the board, they don’t need to be part of automations or notifications. But it would be immensely helpful if I could just look them up by name and attach them to items on my board. For the moment, I’m just listing the names in a text field which is… really inelegant given the capabilities of this product.

Hey @AlexTechnical!

Can I ask if the tags column could be useful for you here instead? I ask as this would make it easier to track and filter the items these users are associated with - even across multiple different boards!

I understand it may not be most ideal but I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Hmm… this might work actually. But isn’t having dozens if not hundreds of entries going to clutter up the tag-space throughout my org?

Thanks for your reply @AlexTechnical!

Any tags that you’ve set up in a main board will be accessible in all other main boards in the account - so I can understand that this might create a little clutter. That said, in private or shareable boards, those tags are restricted to those boards - so this might be the way to go?

If you have a tag that’s setup across all board types, searching for this tag will pull all results via the search everything tool.

More information in this article :+1:

Does this help clarify?

That helps, thanks!

I’ve started poking at it. While not the most elegant solution, this does seem to work all right. As an added bonus, it allows me to refer to both individuals and groups of people in the same column.

This will do for now.

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I am glad to hear this works for you in the meantime! Let me know if any more questions come up :blush: