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Hi everyone!

We have multiple boards within our organization, and the name of a person may appear in more than one place. I would like to use the Search Everything feature to simply type the name of a person and see where this person appears (for example everywhere where she is mentioned under the NAME column).

Unfortunately, I systematically get partial results. For example, I have three boards setup for Human Resources, each serving a purpose. In each of these boards, the NAME column appears. So when I Search Everything for a specific name hoping to get a view of everywhere she is mentioned across the three boards, I only get info from one board, or sometimes two, or sometimes none depending on the search name.

The spelling of the names are identical as this is a column that is linked across the three boards, therefore identical. But considering each board has specific info regarding the person I am searching, it would be nice to get a one page view with all the mentions and information. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

Hi @Armenito - What about using tags for your people? If you are not a large organization that might work really well.

Also - by any chance are you on the Enterprise plan and using Item Permission security on any boards? Items from those boards do not yet show up under Search Everything, but it’s under development.

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Hi there, thank you for the reply. Perhaps tags would solve this although I was under the impression that Search Everything would give back any mention of a search term.

And we are on the Pro plan, not Enterprise.

Hi @Armenito :wave:

I think The Tags Column would be a great way to easily keep track of your clients across your boards as we have a portion of Search Everything built specifically for Tags!

If you think there is any odd behavior with Search Everything, make sure to reach out to and we would be happy to inform the functionality or troubleshoot accordingly with you!


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