Search Everything

Here are ways to make “search everything” more efficient.

  1. Allow users to filter to certain boards. I may use a term on multiple boards but know that I am searching for it on only a few.

  2. Allow search everything to include Mirror columns. This is very important: we have one board for all clients and link each project back to that board with a mirror column. But the SE does not work if I want to find all items relating to one client.

  3. Allow the SE to include labels or status column. This way we could search all “unique” labels across boards.

Search Everything being unable to search mirrored columns is a huge problem. We use a unique identifier for, in our case, an apartment. That gets mirrored to a bunch of boards, and we want to see every time that identifier comes up so we can find all info associated with that apartment. I am sure there’s a painful technical limitation here, but it seems like I’m using Monday as designed, and this is a gap making it really impossible to view my information in a connected way.

Also ‘search everything’ needs to include the ability to search for items using the email address generated on an item when a user selects ‘write updates via email’.
I often get copied on emails with the pulse email address and that is the only way I can look for an item across multiple boards and workspaces.

Support told me ‘I can tell you that after doing thorough research, we have no way of finding out which board the email belongs to.’

That means I would have to search on each board to find which item the email relates to.

This needs to be fixed.

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