Creating "my work" as a board

Hello Mondites,

My company has boards with multiple people columns on. The majority of these are tasks where there is a supervisor or other interested party is added to a separate people column. This ruins the “my work” feature as now the supervisor has the task in their “my work” but they dont have any direct task to complete.

I looked into filtering this out in “my work” but it does not seem possible.

The real answer is to go through all our boards and change the way we use them to only have a single person column per task and then tag supervisors etc in updates but we have a lot of boards and there may be a small uprising if I ask the entire company to do this.

I was wondering if there was a way to make a custom my work style board to pull all instances of where you are allocated as a person, but that might give you the control to choose the people column. Its a wild ask, but I asked it.

Any suggestions, advice, dad jokes are welcome.

My suggestion is to change the Supervisor People column into either a Text column / Dropdown / Status.
Using a customized Dropdown or Status column can still be helpful to pull information into a dashboard without being tied to my work.

Let me know if this works, I have my boards set up the same way. But for me personally I can edit the “my work” feature to not pull from the specific boards.

Hello Ryan,

Thanks for the advice. This is what I am going to propose if I cannot find a solution to multiple people columns. As long as the supervisor is subscribed to the pulse then they will get any updates.

I too have the ability to filter out boards from “my work” but it’s the boards that have tasks in I want to see mixed with other peoples tasks that have “tagged” me as a supervisor in a column that messes the system up.