How do I create a better version of the My Work tab

I work for an agency and we have different boards for video production, design and art-working. In these boards an employee is assigned to a task and we have some employees who work in more than category (e.g Video and Design)

Is there a way of creating a board or something that shows all the work that they have been assigned?

I know the ‘My Work’ tab does this but it’s really poorly laid out and not very customisable.


Hey George! Charlotte here from the monday team! :wave:

I totally hear you - sometimes you just need to narrow down information further or see it laid out differently. I’d be happy to make a suggestion! :blush:

You can set this up with a Dashboard and a Table Widget. The Table Widget looks like a board but it pulls multiple boards into the widget so you can see all of their items. Then, apply whatever filters or settings you need to see what you’re looking to.

Just keep in mind the limit of boards you can add to a Dashboard:

  • Basic is able to add 1 board to a dashboard
  • Standard is able to add 5 boards to a dashboard
  • Pro is able to add 20 boards to a dashboard
  • Enterprise is able to add 50 boards to a dashboard

If the limit is too small, you can do a Dashboard per person so there are less boards needed to be pulled in.

Does this help? Let us know what you think!