Customizable "my work" view and group view


I work with a team who has up to 100 jobs going at the same time - we have therefore created individial dashboards for each job (and each individual task for that job in the job dashboard) and an overarching dashboard showing things as the workload and gantt.

People are however not too happy with the “My work” view and want something more customizable - showing a “needs done”, gantt - editable to-do list and also being able to combine that view with a group of people (a team). to see their combined workload

Is it any way of doing this without setting up individual dashboard and connecting all jobs to all dashboards for each person??

Hi @Carolinafluent - it would likely take some re-architecting but for these kinds of scenarios we like to look at a “master board” design where all the tasks across the various job boards also live in a single “task” board. This makes it a breeze for reporting across multiple projects into single dashboards/overviews.

There are some drawbacks to this approach so depending on your setups it may not work for you.

We would be happy to review your current designs and assist with customizing a new approach where needed.