Conditionally Assigning to person

Hi hopefully somone can assist - We are importing daily a spreadsheet and thats all fine - my request is how do I automate the assigning of the pule to a specific person based on another column value?

So it would go something like this

If Specific column = A assign to Person A
If specific column = B assisgn to Person B

Anyone got a solution??

With thanks

Hi @Sam1
Don’t think that can be done “out of the box”, but easy to build something for this. The prerequisite would always be that the person you want to assign the item to is subscribed on the board. Is that the case?

Yes they are ! Assigned to the board and also a person in the column

I’ve had success using the automation: When [Status] changes to [Status], Assign [User] as [Person]

The context is our budget approval board, which is populated by a form. One of the fields is to indicate which budget bucket the item should come out of (operations, digital marketing, field marketing, etc.). Based on the value of that status column, a different manager is assigned to the ‘approver’ people column.

It’s only tricky because I had to create an automation for each status value, but other than the initial setup, it works flawlessly.

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hi @ZoeyCo

Looks like your are looking for approvers / contributors. I have an app on the marketplace called Status Controlled Groups where you can switch ownerships between contributors and approvers by changing a status. The recipe is:

You can build a complete workflow between groups with this app.

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