Email without inviting to board

I am wanting to email someone when a status changes but I don’t want them on my board, nor as a team member. I basically just want to trigger an automation once a status is set to something; I then want that to select an email from a dropdown list of emails.
How can this be done?

Hello Isaac,

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To send an email to someone they do not have to be invited to your board or become a team member.

You will have to use an integration with Gmail or Outlook though.

Pictured below is the relevant Gmail Integration.


This integration does not support dropdown type columns though, so you will have to use an email column.

Hope this helped you, please feel free to message me should you need help.

Giannis , Implementation Consultant at

HI Giannis ,

Thank you for your reply.
Do this mean I’ll have to type in the same email (in my case) every time?


As I do not know your workflow, I cannot give you a definite answer.

If for example you are the sole user of a board, you could set your email as a default value to an email column so it is automatically filled when you create an item.


Hope this helps.


I would suggest adding a TEXT column or EMAIL column to your board, in this column you add the email address you want to send to. You could then use an automation such as “when EMAIL COLUMN changs send an EMAIL to SOMEONE” and set the someone to the EMAIL column!
For some of our boards we default the column to the standard email address, but this route allows users to override if needed, and we actually extend the automation to set a hidden “EMAIL SENT” status column to DONE and check this so the email cannot be sent twice.
The someone column only support PEOPLE column, EMAIL column or TEXT column.
If you want to do it with a dropdown, then dont use Monday to send the email, but would suggest using Make… in Monday you simply use a webhook when then status (or column) changes, then use MAke to send the email… the benefit here is that it can also use HTML formatting on the email so much nicer too… we use this to send Emails, Teams Messages, make Teams accounts and also create folders on our on-premise servers.