Possible To Create Automation To Populate Email Field Based On Status?


I have a status colum called “AM Support” , which contains to of our outsourcers.

I also have a AM Email colum

I would like for example if I select “Example Name 1” in the AM Support colum for automaton to autofill AM Support Email colum with personsemail@gmail.com

Just saves us having to manually type our outsourcers email wheenver we select them as our AM Support

Is this possible ?

(Also FYI we have an account manager assigned to each item, so the above question is seperate and has nothing to do with the assign person colum, that is why we are using a status and email field for the above)

Hey @fisheyes there isn’t an automation to automatically set the ‘email’ column based on a status change… If there is a limited number of emails you could foreseeably have a second ‘status’ column which is the email and set the value of the status column to the email. (you lose the ability to click on the email and send a message but the info is there)

OR I would potentially recommend setting up a board with list of ‘Support Team/Rep’ This hsould have name, and email column at least. Put an item in the board for each of your outsourcers

Then replace your AM Support ‘Status’ column with a ‘connect board’ column that links to your the new ‘Support Team/Rep’ board. Then replace the ‘AM Email’ column with a Mirror of the email column from ‘Support team/Rep’ board.

If you’ve done the above then anytime you select someone from ‘AM Support’ the email address should automatically fill in the AM Email column.

Hope that helps,
here is a vid of how the connect board column works: https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000635139-The-Connect-Boards-Column


Sorry I don’t think what you pruposed is what we are looking for.

We have a list of “items” (our clients) , we have a person assigned columd (the account manager) then we have a status colum (am support) and finally a email colum (am supports email)

We have 2 members of staff each with their own email and these are our AM Support staff that support the account manager.

So when the account manager assigns one of the 2 support staff to a item I would like it to fill in their email address on the email field.

The purpose of doing this is because we have a automation for a colum whenever this particular colum choice is selected it send s a email to the am support email address.

Hey Fisheyes, I see
yes the proposed solution doesn’t allow for automated emails to the support staff. You could invite the AM support staff in your monday account as guests and use the people column to assign them. And then an automation to notify them they have been assigned… But that still doesn’t send them the email.

In short I think what you are asking for directly is not possible with monday automations. but there should be a valid workaround to get the desicred result (automated email to support staff when assigned a ticket).

I also may suggest integromat (Make) or Zapier as a way to get even more automation capability.