If status changes to ____ -> set text/email to ______


I am currently trying to improve the flow of our IT Board for our company, and I’ve been wanting to find a way to automatically set emails based on a status change.

One of our status columns is a “Department” or “Location” ( Ex. “183 Office” ), and each office/location has an email for their office for any inquiries, etc.

With this I am wanting to set it so when a ticket, through the Monday.com form, is submitted and a location is set to the problem/request, the email is automatically placed on the Email column.

So it would look like,

Ticket is submitted for a ‘Malfunctioning Printer’ at the ‘183 Office’ and immediately the email ‘183office@company.com’ is placed in the Email section, so that any updates to the ticket, and/or progress will automatically be emailed to them through the gmail integration.

Anyone know of any automations that would facilitate this?

As I really find it interesting that there isn’t a automation available by default for " If something → set text to something ".

Thanks all.

Hi Luco,

it is possible. But not as dynamic as u wish. Create an automation für each mailadress depend/triggert on/by the “Department” (status column),. Dont worry, if u want to use standard text in each emailbody without redundancies, create an new column (“text” if you use static text (+setup defaultvalue) or “formular” if you like to use dynamic text). Done :smiling_face: