Sending an Email (outlook)

I need to set up an email automation based on certain criteria. Here is my use case:

  1. Send email to customer when the status is set to New and date is not null.

I cannot find any canned automation that will allow me to do this.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Hello @sharonmartinko !

I think there is a workaround.

When you input a date in the date column, you essentially change that column.

So you can use :

Where status is a new status column of your choice.

You also would need another status column .

So: 1st Column( the one where status is set to new)
2nd Column ( the one checking changes in the date column)

And the 3rd column, where you would change the status based on the 2 previous columns

Meaning :

When 1st column changes to new and 2nd column is Has date, change 3rd column to Yes.

And also: When 2nd column changes to has date and 1st column is New, change 3rd column to yes.

Then, based on the 3rd status column you would use the following automation/integration.


Hope this helps!Let me know if it works out for you or should you need additional help.

Best Regards,
Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Thank you….

My issue is that first automation that you show. I do not have the option to select just a DATE as shown in your example below.

I created a small table to test with

My automations would go as follows:

1 – If the status is set to NEW and date Column is populated, then set Yes or No Column to YES

2 – If Status is set to NEW, but the date column is null, then set the Yes or No Column to NO

3 – If the Date column is populated but the Status column is null, then set the Yes or No column to No

When the Yes or No column is YES, then we can send an email to the customer.

This automation does not exist.

Please advise


The problem is that there is no automation that checks whether a column is “blank”. That is the reason why I suggested using the “when date changes” automation.

To reiterate:

You will have one status column ( Column A) that checks whether the date changes ( when date column is empty and you set a date, that counts as a change, so we are using that to check whether the date column is empty).You will have the relative automation as well (when date changes,set status to We have date ).

You will have another status column to check New(Column B) ( as in your example).

And another STATUS column(Column C) ( not text as in your example) .This column will need the 2 following automations as well :

When Column B changes to New and Column A is We have date, change Column C to Yes.

When Column A changes to We have date and Column B is New, change Column C to Yes.

Finally, you will need this outlook automation:


Where status=Column C and something=Yes

This will work, try and let me know the results!