Send email from a selection on a form


I am not seeing an option to do the following integration/automation. Please advise on the best option to perform the following:

  • A client fills out a form with several questions, including one question: Have you paid a deposit? YES/NO

Once the details in the form are entered, it creates a line item in a board and populates all the columns with the form data.
If the customer selects “Yes”, I would like it to automatically send an email X template.

If NO - it would trigger an automation to send an email Y.
The only option I see for this type of automation was "if status or column changes from X to Y, then do Z.

But I don’t see how to do if Status or column = X, then do Z
I hope that made sense.

Thank you so much for your wisdom! :slight_smile:

you do not have to use an automation which contains the “from” option.
u should use the automation "when status changes to Y, email template 1.
hope I helped

in any case, also in the automation of “from” it could be the “anything” option, and that will work as well

Thanks for the feedback. The issue is that new form submissions come as a ‘Pulse’.
There isn’t a “Status change” because it’s a new pulse. Just wondering if there was a fixed logic to make it trigger an email based on a logic being true (without manualy needing to change the status to something, that causes it to send email.


You could use a custom automation like the following:

When item is created, change status to something.

Hope this helps!


I went back and read your first email and use case. You will want to make a slightly more complicated custom automation that reads the “YES/NO” status and then changes a new status accordingly. For example:

When new items is created and status is something, set status to something.

So you make one for each email template, X & Y. Add a new status column to change based on the template you want to send. So one of them would look like this.

When new item is created and Question is No, set Email Template to Y

So now you have a “Status Change” that can trigger sending the email.

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