Automatically Populate Email Column from a Status Change


I would like to automatically populate the Email column for an item based on a status change of another column. Is this possible?

I will then use email integration to email these people based on other status changes. These people are not Monday users.

For example:
I have a status column with options A, B, and C.
When I change the status to A, I want the email column to automatically be populated with the email Change to status B, the email column will change to, etc. Currently if the status is changed, and I want the correct email shown, I have to manually type (or copy and paste) the new email address into the email column.


Hi @MatthewMiller !

Yes you can do it with vLookApp - if you need instructions let me know.

Here’s the recipe explanation:

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Thanks for the advice.

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Hey @MatthewMiller :wave:

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