Can I send emails from my board to people who are not users?

Our HR team is using a Monday board to onboard new hires. Because the information on that board is confidential we’ve made it private and restricted access to it.
I’m trying to use the gmail integration to add a notification be emailed to a user that is not a member of our private board. Is there a way to go about sending emails to users that are not members of a private board? Please help! Thank you very much!

Hi @Jasmin - Welcome to the community! Do you have an email column on your board with the email of who you want to message? You should be able to send out a message using that column.

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Hi @PolishedGeek,
I do have an email column on my board with that person’s email. In order to make sure that email goes to them will I need to manually put their email in that column every time a new item is added? Or is there a way to make sure that their email is always present when a new item is added?
Thanks for your response!

Hi @Jasmin - Is the email always the same? If so, you can set it as a default value:

Click here in your board header - (7) PG Sales & Marketing — ...
then set the Email column to be that email address: (8) PG Sales & Marketing — ...

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Hello @PolishedGeek - This worked! This is exactly what I needed!
Thank you so much for your help.

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Hi @Jasmin - I’m so glad to this worked for you! Thanks for your email about not needing the session tomorrow. My monday door is always open if you need it.

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