Communication with Clients via email

Hello! We are new user group to

If we have users as requestors, and we want to communicate with them via, what are the options? Or do they have to have an account?

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Hi @jasmined welcome to the community!

there are a couple of options for this. You can invite them as ‘viewers’ or ‘guest users’ and they create a password to login and see the boards directly in monday. here is an explanation of viewers: What Are The Levels of Users In My Account? – Support?

Or you can make a board publicly shareable: What are Shareable Boards? – Support
The downside to the shareable board is that anyone with the link can see all the board information. Which in many cases breaks security requirements.

I would suggest:

  • If you don’t have any non public/sensitive information on your monday boards, use the shareable boards.
  • Otherwise viewers/guest users would be the way to go

hope that helps


Or you could use the Communihub app to email them from within Monday. Their responses will be pulled into the Communihub app and they don’t even realise this is happening.


Hi! thank you. Are viewers allowed to post responses etc? I did not think we could communicate with viewers.

Thank you! I am looking into CommuniHub - but it has not worked as expected. The responses are not showing up on

@jasmined I apologize, I was too hasty in my response to your question. I should have read the title of your post. Viewers and guests cannot post updates via emails.

The Other PM is correct that communihub app is the best built-in tool for accomplishing this. However as you mentioned the app is kind of buggy. I’ve only recently strated using it, but I’m not consistently seeing customer replies appear on the relevant item.

Another option is a third party tool like integromat or zapier. I’m not sure your appetite or desire to use a tool like that, but I’ve found it extremely helpful for our purposes.

I have recently created a scenario in integromat that watches for emails sent to a specific email address and create an update on a relevant item that has the same email address.
here is an image of the scenario if you wanna give it a go:

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This looks great! I just tried it and it is easy enough to follow. I do think it would be a hassle to get this through security approval etc - it is a third party to use another third party ( I don’t think we would be able to justify the need.

I am working with on CommuniHub - hoping they can fix the discrepancies I see.

fair enough on getting your security teams sign-off. Honestly though if you have other types of Integration needs then integromat is excellent for anything of this nature, or otherwise. They are an industry leader and overall have sound security. (GDPR compliant and such).

I would highly recommend seeing it as a tool for organizations looking to streamline their workflow and I really think it has return on value for doing a security assessment and onboarding it to your company. Granted a little bit much just for this one email communication. But it is a very powerful tool.

best of luck!

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