Guest Emails on boards that are not shareable


I am relatively new to Monday and still have a lot to learn but I wanted to see if anyone had a solution or a workaround for a problem I have run into.

We have several professional services boards where our users are working on requests that have been raised by internal users on behalf of our external customers ( guests).

The Professional Services engineers would like to be able to email an external customer from an email column and have an replies come back into the item which we can as use it on some project boards already where guests are invited to the board and added as contact.

The problem is we do not want to invite or add guest accounts to our professional services board, we only want to be able to communicate with them from it. These boards are internal only for all intents an purposes.

Is it possible to have two way email communication from an item with someone who is not subscribed to a board?


Hey @RichardT - If you’re emailing from the Emails & Activities widget, then it is technically possible though it does require some legwork.

As long as the boards are connected with a connect boards column, you can pull the email address from the contact using the Emails & Activites widget inside the item. I’ll do my best to walk through the process:

Start with a connect boards column. Select your other board and make sure to create a two-way connection:

I’ve added an email column to the “Guest Contact” board.

On your internal board, there should be a new column where you can select the contact you’d like to connect:

The email address from the Guest Contact board will pull into the widget as a suggested email address:

Doing this, your people are able to communicate with clients from their board without having to give guests any access to it.

@tanner_elevate - Can you double check this to make sure I didn’t miss anything?

@RichardT - Let me know if this works for your use case and feel free to reach out with any questions!

Hi @greg_elevate

Thank you very much for the response, that was really helpful and has helped my resolve the issue.

Thanks for taking the time to respond, it is appreciated.

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