Linking a general request email address to a board

Is it possible to link a general email address (not user specific) to a board? We have a delegated gmail address that customers use to ask questions and make requests. I would like to link it to a customer request board, so I can assign the questions to specific team members. I am very new to and not sure how to figure this out.


Hi @sybilj - Welcome to the community! One approach that works well is to create a non-human “bot” user account tied to that general email address. It will take a paid seat but will work well for what you described. You create a user account under the general email address and authenticate its email in monday․com, just as if it were a live user. Then you can set up automations to watch that email account and create items from new messages.

I am over-simplifying it a bit here but would be happy to chat with you more at length if you’d like to set up a call at the link below.

Hope this helps!

~ Deb Cinkus, PMP
Certified monday․com Partner
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