Automated emails to unique email addresses

I have a board that stakeholders enter design requests into via a form which then get assigned to my team of designers.

The requestors enter their email address into a text column. I want to send them a link to a feedback form. I want to send this once a quarter, and only send one email to each unique email address that we have completed at least one request for in the past quarter.
i.e. One person may have made 10 requests last quarter so their email will appear in that column 10 times. I don’t want the system to send them 10 links to the same form. Just one email.

I use General Caster and the outlook integration. Can’t figure out how to automate this so for now i have to do it manually. Open to ideas!

Hi Dale,

It sounds like there are multiple steps and a reasonable level of complexity to this. What you’re saying is certainly possible, and you shouldn’t need general caster to achieve it.

If you’re struggling, I’d recommend engaging a consultant to help structure your solution properly.

However, if you’re trying to do this yourself, consider the following:

  • It sounds like you’ll need a “Requestors” board, as well as a “Requests” board, since you want to track data based on the Requestor.
  • Consider creating a connection between your Requestors and Requests board. Use the email address to automatically link new requests to their requestors.
  • You can use’s integrations to automatically send emails to “Requestor” items on your Requestors board.
  • It should be possible to use status changes in mirrored columns or column changed triggers in connection columns to indicate if a requestor has received a request. You could store the date of the last request, for example.
  • Since you want to send a request to all Requestors at the same time, this could be quite an easy manual action. You could just filter or sort by date and select the Requestors, then use a status change to trigger an email automation.
  • It would of course be possible to automate the above. There are multiple approaches to this. If you want to get a bit creative, why not create a board with an item that automatically triggers a status change every 3 months. (When date arrives, changes status to X, change status back to Y, and push date by 3 months). Connect this “Timer” board to your Requestors board and have Requestors link to this item by default. Then you can use that 3-monthly status change to trigger the emails.
  • If you’re going the automatic route, as above, consider that you might want to use a status to track if a request was made and reset that status when an email is sent, as part of the same automation or chain of automations.

Those are the building blocks to achieve what you’re looking for. There are definitely some more details required if you really want to get this automated, but it should point you in the right direction.

As I’ve said, this is about the level of complexity where I’d probably recommend reaching out to who can point you in the direction of a partner. There are many on the forums here who could help you as well, myself included! :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to lay that out. Makes sense but ive run into a problem:

I created a ‘Requestors’ board, and connected this to my board of projects. I have set up a mirrored column on the Requestor board that will pull in the email address (short text) from that column on my project board.

However, I can only get the email address to populate in the mirrored column by selecting the specific project from the dropdown in the connected column.

On my projects board i invariably have several projects from the same requestor. I only want to collect (or mirror) each unique requestor email to my Requestor board once so i do not send out duplicative emails.

Is this possible?

Hi Dale,

I would suggest a different approach.

Since you want to send the emails out to the Requestors and it’s based on whether or not the Requestor has made a Request (or something similar), the board you’ll be best off using is that Requestors board.

Use the Requestors board to manage this and have some kind of activity set a label on a dedicated status column, which you can use as a checkbox/condition for sending that email. Alternatively, use some other condition and create a filtered view that will allow you to easily select all Requestors who should receive an email.

I can’t be more specific than that without really getting into the weeds of your system.

It sounds like you’re making some progress on your own, so well done for that. If you’re interested in some professional assistance in structuring and managing your solution, feel free to reach out via DMs. You could also contact, who will be able to put you in contact with one of their partners.