Automatically email survey link when project is complete

I’m having some trouble.

I have a board for Contacts. On my Project board I have a connection to contacts so I know who the project is for. In Contacts there is an email address.

I’d like to automatically email the assigned Contact (customer) a link to a survey once a project has been marked as Done.

But I can’t. The email automation will not show me the field for the customer email. I have even tried mirroring the field and it will not show up. Am I missing something?

Hi @shawnterry - the main issue here is that mirrored columns, for the most part, cannot be used in many automations and integrations (I know frustrating…).

What we have done as a workaround in the past is the following.

  1. In your contacts board, store your email address as a text column rather than an email column
  2. Add a mirror column to your project board from the contact board for the email address (as you did). I called mine “Email mirror”
  3. Create a new text column on your project board (in my example its called “email string”)
  4. Use the General Caster app to cast the email addresses to the “email string” column with the following formula: SUBSTITUTE({item’s Email Mirror},“+”,“;”). This formats the chosen emails into a proper string that can be used to send an email

In the above “Contacts” is the connected board column. So, each time you add/takeaway a contact it will adjust the email string.

Then have a standard automation when Status = Done send email. And use the “email string” as the recipient.

A bit convoluted, but it works. The other thing to do would create a simple scenario to manage this.


I might give that a try. I am currently in a trial to see if this solution will work for us and I feel so frustrated that so many standard things you’d think would work aren’t. It’s a little discouraging.

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Is this solution the current solution? Just making sure before I start. Can this be done with Make?

Hi @AlisonP - the solution I provided does work. can be used as well, I dont see any reason why it couldnt be created.