Populating columns from connected boards

Trying to figure out if this is possible;
I have 2 boards. 1 = project, 2 = client contact details.
Connect boards together - done.
Then link the boards via the client name (so far so good) which I then need to pull in the email / phone number etc from board 2 into board 1 in their own individual columns.
Is this last bit possible? I am having a mare trying to figure it out. I need to pull some of the columns from my client database into the project so that I can then run an automation to send them an email from the project.
Thanks in advance.

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Hey @Lazers - if I’m understanding correctly, I’ve had the same issue. Hopefully soon, monday.com will add this as a feature. For now, here’s the workaround I use:

First, you’d add mirror columns on board 1 to pull the information you need from board 2 (i.e., email).

Then we’d make a text column (Text Email) on board 1. This is where we’re dropping email addresses for automation purposes.


The Gmail integrations and automations can pick up email addresses from a text column:


Now all we need to do is pull the email address from the email mirror column into that new text column. We use a 3rd party app called General Caster to “cast” the email address from the mirror column into the text column. (Just a heads up, this app costs a monthly subscription after a certain amount of actions!).

Here we set up the integration recipe to take the email address from the mirror column. Here is one recipe that we can use:

At this point, we’d do a “data update” and trigger that automation by changing a column on each item so that the “Text Email” field gets filled. Then your automations/integrations have a usable email address.

It’s a bit of a lengthy workaround, but hopefully it works for you!

That’s amazing thank you! I will certainly take a look at this. Would be really good if that became an option on monday.com but this will do the trick in the meantime. Thanks so much!

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Hi @greg_elevate Struggling to find the correct recipe to achieve what I need to do. The above doesn’t seem to work for me. Any advice on where to find help on that?

Is it the General Caster recipe you’re looking for?
If so, you have to install the app on the app marketplace before you can use their integration:

If it’s something else, let me know!

hi @Lazers

Another option is to use the app Match - Index Column (see https://monday.com/marketplace/129). It is a one-time fee (no subscriptions) and works like Excel MATCH - INDEX. The Match column in your case would be the client name and the index column the email / phone number etc. The good thing is that the app copies the data from the source board (board 2) to the target board (board 1) in normal monday columns that can be used in any other automation (like the Gmail automation)

Fabulous thank you, I will take a look there!

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