Send email to linked boards column through Outlook Integration

I have several contacts boards on my account that are linked to a main board so we can easily see contact information. What I would like to do is send automated emails to the emails in that linked board column. It doesn’t seem like the outlook integration supports that field. Does anyone have any suggestions for workarounds?

I guess I could use Zapier but would love if I could find a way to do it through Monday.

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If you haven’t already, check out the General Caster App, you can find it through the App Marketplace. You can cast the email from the link board column to a plain text column on the board you want to send email from. Then you should be able to use that email in the built in Outlook Integration.

Hope this helps!

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That does help, thank you! What formula do you suggest that I use?


I would use this GC integration:

When any column changes perform formula and cast result to column.

Then just choose the column name of your linked/connected column for the formula(no functions needed) and then choose a new plain text column to cast the result into. See example above, where “{linked item}” will be replaced with your columns name, just choose it from the options GC gives you.

unfortunately, every time i try that it says “an unexpected error has occured”
here is my formula:

and here is the linked column and the column i’m trying to cast it to:


How was the {pulse.Seller’s Agent Email} generated? I have a similar board set up where the column name is Primary Email, and the GC placeholder is {item’s Primary Email}. Try adjusting yours to match that format.

That will probably fix it but just in case lets troubleshoot further:
What type of column is the Seller’s Agent Email?
What type of column is the Seller’s Agent?

The language and functions are slightly different for GC compared to Monday. Check out these helpful links:
General Caster Documentation
Excel Functions Used by General Caster

{pulse.Seller’s Agent Email} was generated through General Caster by clicking the corresponding column button. I tried removing the pulse. part of it with no success. :frowning:

Seller’s Agent Email is a mirrored column from a linked board and Seller’s agent is a short text column.

Completely unrelated, but how could I use the General Caster app to return a date with the current year? I’m imputing birthdays but right now am manually changing them to the same day in the current year to send emails to clients. Is it possible to do that with a formula through General Caster instead?


Hmm. I’m not sure on the “pulse.” prefix. Pulling in @rob from GC to see if he can help.

What type of column is it in the board its coming from? Email or Short Text?

I would think so. Without knowing more details, I would say some sort of combination of TODAY & YEAR to get the current year, then CONCATENATE, DAY, MONTH & YEAR to create the new date(you have to convert the serial numbers created to dates). I find it best to test GC functions in Excel if you can as its much easier to iterate and make adjustments/fix errors.

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I confirm. What @andrewalmand suggested is the right solution.

CONCATENATE(YEAR(), "-", TEXT(DATEVALUE({item's Birthday}), "MM-DD")

Just keep in mind that formula is performed when trigger runs (i.e. when column changes).
It’s not automatically performed when year changes.

And, in addition, YEAR() function returns the current year, not the next one if the birthday has passed.
If you want to retrieve the next birthday you need to use a much complex formula.

There are three ways to refer to columns:

  1. {pulse.columnId}
  2. {item.columnId}
  3. {item's Column Name}

Clicking on corresponding column button in formula composer field should work, but it seems that when you close and reopen the window, the system updates all references with a hybrid (and not valid) {pulse.Column Name}.
General Caster has no control on integration window so it’s something devs and @dipro are investigating on.


It’s coming from an email column.


I don’t remember exactly how that interacts, you may need to change it to Short Text column as well.

But first try one of Robs formatting suggestions:

{item’s Seller’s Agent Email}

See if that fixes it first. If not then you may need to change the email column on the linked from board to text.

I tried to use this formula to cast into a date column with no success. Can it cast into a date column? I have an automation to change the date every year so I’m not worried about that, just need it to cast into the date column for the current year once.

I tried formatting it like that as well as changing the column to text with no success. :frowning:

Yes, it can.
Please refer to GC documentation at General Caster > Documentation.
Start with a simple formula casted to a Text column, that make it more complex until you reach the correct format for a Date column ("YYYY-MM-DD").

so this formula


hypothetically should work, right, but is returning this error

sorry should clarify that it says {item’s Birthday} instead of B2 when i use the formula

Just add a ) at the end of the formula…