Send emails (Gmail Integration) from a mirrored email column using General Caster

Hello together!

I am a freelance marketer using to manage all my different clients and projects. I do social media & digital marketing, as well as running a small animation agency.

I, like so many others before me, want to send emails to users through To do so, I have mirrored columns showing client details (as I use a separate board to list all my contacts). I know that you cannot use a Gmail Integration with a mirrored column (boo hiss) so I thought I had gotten around THAT hurdle by using General Caster to essentially copy and paste the mirrored “email” column to a text column. The ONLY downfall is when I want to include multiple email addresses, general caster includes a “+” between each email, rendering the entire process useless.

SURELY - there is a way to write the General Caster column to include a “,” after each email? For example:,,

Screenshots below (email addresses are fake).

Have you SUBSTITUTE? i.e. SUBSTITUTE({},“+”,“, “)

Hey Pierrette,

It’s awesome that you’re using this monday App - we love it! General Caster was built by the folks over at Omnidea S.r.l., and they are pleased to answer your questions!

I have tagged @rob from their team but you can reach them by sending an email over to

While we are happy to support with questions about our core platform (including the Apps Marketplace in general), we are unable to help with questions about apps developed by third party developers.

Let us know if you have any follow-up questions!


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Hey @Pierrette
Thank you for using General Caster.
First of all, remove = from the formula, it’s not required.
Then make sure to use straight double quotes (") with string. This forum may translate them to open and closed quotes ( and ).
Finally just take a look at General Caster documentation in order to know how to properly format text to cast into Email column.

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